Honey Republic
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Current flavours

ACACIA. This herbal variety is exceptional because it never crystallizes therefore it does not need to be thermally processed. It is produced in area populated with wild acacia trees. It is light in taste which makes it ideal for a variety of uses. Kids love its clear golden color and mild flavor. Great for tea, toast, scones or swirled in yogurt or ice cream. Also makes an excellent ingredient in many recipes.

HONEY WITH COCOA. Organic cream honey with organic cocoa powder - consistency and taste similar to a chocolate spread – the perfect breakfast for kids and adults alike.

CREAMED HONEY. Our creamed honey is not filtered and therefore contains important essential nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids. Its spreadable consistency is perfect for toasts, bagels, muffins and sandwiches.

GREEN TEA WITH HONEY AND LEMON. Organic green tea powder with organic creamed honey and organic lemon juice concentrate makes the perfect 3-in-1 combination. Dissolve 1 Tbsp. in 6-8 oz. of hot or cold water for a delicious and healthy beverage.

STRAWBERRY. Honey with Strawberry. Organic cream honey whit organic strawberry puree.

WILDFLOWER. Our Wildflower honey is an exclusive herbal blend and an exciting fusion of fresh aromas which ranks as all time consumer favorite. Its herbal notes make it excellent ingredient for dressing, sauces and BBQ glazes.

Future flavours

HONEY WITH CINNAMON. Organic cream honey with organic cinnamon powder - strong tonic and an antioxidant.


RASPBERRY. Honey with Raspberry. Organic cream honey whit organic raspberry puree.

PACKAGING Jars of 315g/ 11,1OZ; Case Pack: 6 jars in a Cardboard box with sub - dividers.